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Cougar Corner: Playoff season is near

By Dan Khavkin, Sports Editor The end of the 2019/2020 varsity season is near. Three out of the six remaining Mount Royal Cougars varsity clubs have their eyes set on playoffs while two narrowly missed out and one is...


Apparel line STRYVE supports following your dreams

By Kemi Omorogbe, Contributor Being a young entrepreneur is no walk in the park. 23-year-old Romar Duco can confirm this with his early start in creating his clothing brand, “STRYVE.” Not only is STRYVE a brand that sells sweaters, t-shirts, tanks...


YYC local Valentine’s Day gift guide

By Cassie Weiss, Staff Writer Valentine’s Day is hard to avoid. Red, pink and white merchandise takes over the world, leaving the lingering, sweet scent of roses hanging around wherever you go. Lovers rejoice, bundling up with their hunnies, finding a...