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Decolonizing MRU: What is colonization?

By Ricardo-Andres Garcia, Contributor MRU hosted an event — #decolonizeMRU on Jan. 11. The event Facebook page said that the purpose of the event was to “decolonize MRU” and to support “Indigenization initiatives.” The event...


A pretty face with a murderous mind

By Mackenzie Gellner, Contributor Recently, the idea of romanticizing attractive psychopaths has taken over the realm of newly released series. However, it has been a concept held for years both in the media and in...


5 ways to woo without breaking the bank

By Isabelle Bennett, Contributor Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s day with your significant other, ‘Galentine’s Day’ with your girl gang or your persisting independence which requires daily appreciation, there are many ways to make Feb. 14...