Letters to the Editor: Feb. 16 (regarding Feb. 2 issue)

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6 Responses

  1. Robert E. Park says:

    Although this has been called “Yellow Journalism,” I greatly appreciate the work that The Reflector does on campus. Good Work guys (and gals) on engaging the community.

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Brandon Anson says:

    I’m shocked that so many students and faculty have enough free time to draft such long complaint letters. Get back to work.

  3. Eva says:

    I don’t have any opinions about most of the letters because I didn’t even read the article (woops!), but I want to point out to the couple of people who were throwing garbage at the journalism program as a whole: do your research before you put down a program of 200+ students and staff.

    Our program is the best journalism program in Western Canada, and we have professors who have been in the business for many years in world-renowned publications and TV stations. Your implication that what they teach us is not good enough shows a huge lack of respect for these individuals, as well as MRU as whole because it suggests that their investment into finding best professors is actually a joke.

    If either of you had bothered to look up our program, you would have found out that The Reflector is not a publication of the Journalism program, although it is run by a number of journalism students.
    Neither of you bothered to find out that the program’s actual publication is The Calgary Journal. Oh, look, it’s an actual newspaper! With “real reporters, reporting real issues, and real news”! How wonderful!

    Oh, and, while there is a 2-year journalism certificate program (yay cert students!), the program is actually a Bachelor of Communications, which means that it takes us 4 years to graduate.

    Please look up your facts before bashing the program.

    And congrats to Melissa for being called a Barbie at least 10 times through most of these letters! 😀
    Keep up the good work, for the most part, I guess, Reflector staff!


  4. Kim says:

    I am dissapointed with students that had the time to draft such long complaint letters, students who are third and fourth years, but don’t bother doing their research. To echo Eva’s sentiments, the journalism program has a four year degree program. A program that we work damn hard in, a program that the teacher’s work damn hard in.
    A program that you put down (while condescendingly trying to raise the status of your own). Another thing you didn’t research, is that The Reflector isn’t connected to the journalism program, it may be run mainly by journalism students, but it is not connected to the J program.

    In many of your complaints, you say this issue of The Reflector lowers the value of your degree (which I find to be a ridiculous and alarmist statement), but trashing an entire program, with hard working students and faculty, is doing FAR worse to your precious degree and school, than one or two issues of The Reflector ever could.

    What is worse, calling for faculty to be FIRED, to lose their livelihood over your un-informed and misplaced moral indignation is repugnant.
    While you think The Reflector should be ashamed, I believe calling for faculty that have NOTHING to do with the reflector being fired is much much worse. FOR SHAME!

    I cannot STRESS how amazing the faculty members of the journalism program, and the students within it are. Don’t believe me, feel free to come find me, or e-mail me. I’ll help you see the light
    I agree that the which faculty member would you sleep with was over the line. I still think many of the reactions to this issue is much worse than The Reflector’s supposed transgressions.

    Kimberly Wright
    4th year journalism student

  5. Marina G says:

    I would like to voice my concern at the comments expressed by Brent Middleton and Tara C. Dumont, both of Health Sciences at Mount Royal University.

    As my peers have said before me in the comments, do your research before you belittle the journalism program at Mount Royal.

    The program is a four-year degree, which demands having 36 credits in general education courses and 12 elective credits for graduation. All of these courses are in areas that are not journalism related for the sole purpose of making us more open, insightful and well-rounded reporters.

    Also, the journalism program is not affiliated with the Reflector. The journalism program’s newspaper is the Calgary Journal, an award-winning publication for student journalism.

    Here’s a link for you: http://www.calgaryjournal.ca/

    I hope you have some time to view the publication and see the hard work that is being done by the faculty and students in the program.

    To ask for a program like ours to be dissolved and its faculty to be dismissed is more offensive in my opinion than anything previously said in the Reflector.

    The faculty of the program does an outstanding job and they are the reason that Mount Royal’s journalism program is the best j-program in Western Canada.

    Marina Giannitsos
    4th-year journalism student

  6. Jane says:

    WOW! I had completely lost faith in MRU students until I read all these beautiful, powerful letters. Amazing to know I am surrounded by such thoughtful, incredible people and to know that feminism is still alive and well on campus.

    I find it fascinating that the comments here completely disregard the issues brought up by all the letter writers, instead reacting defensively and resorting to cheap insults about people having “too much time on their hands”. Clearly, constructing a thoughtful letter which likely took 5-10 minutes at the most would prove challenging to some of the commenters who bring nothing to the discussion outside of trying to defend sexism.

    I hope the Reflector cleans up it’s act this year, last year it defended dehumanization of women and using the topic of violence against women for comedic purposes. Misogyny has no place on campus and certainly has no place in our student newspaper which used to be an incredible champion of social justice.

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