An easy how-to to save the big blue

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  1. Kristeen Cox says:

    I agree that it is always a benefit to be reminded of environmental issues that are not in the forefront of our minds. The author of this article does remind us that Calgarians can easily forget the plight of our oceans when we have issues like the oil sands on our doorstep. However, I found the suggestions in making a difference in the future of the oceans superficial at best. The notion that the environmental woes can be solved by watching documentaries and asking if your dinner was ‘fished sustainably’ completely ignores the devastating effects that our demand for all seafood creates. I would recommend Ms. Giannitsos research the incredibly distructive reproccucions of fishing by even those companies that abide by the regulations within the fishing industry. One cannot ignore the vast areas of dead zones in the oceans caused by trawlers that wipe out precious corals or all the unintended deaths of whales, dolphins, turtles, birds, sharks and other sea animals – known in the industry as ‘by-catch’ (a single pound of shrimp can result in 11 to 18 pounds of unintentional dead marine life). Even that ‘dolphin safe’ label simply means that dolphins were not targeted, not that dolphins (and anything else that happens to get caught) were not killed in the process.

    The first word in the 3R mantra is ‘reduce’ and while this was lightly addressed in terms of garbage (a point I would have liked to seen expanded on), ‘reduce’ should also be applied to our voracious appetites. Though obviously a more self-depraving approach for shrimp cocktail and fish n’ chip lovers, reducing seafood consumption will do more to protect the whales, sharks, dolphins, turtles and all the rest of the magnificent marine life than renting ‘Blue Planet’ ever will. It’s not the most popular choice but certainly an effective one. And one this author blatantly ignores.

  2. Marina Giannitsos says:

    You’ve missed the point of my article. I’m not trying to downplay the severe problems of our oceans. I have done my research and I know what’s happening out there. I even worked with the group Oceans for the Future last year, hence the reason I wrote this article.

    I also never said in the article that our environmental woes can be solved by watching documentaries or asking if our fish were fished sustainability. My intention was to show people that change can start by caring.

    Thanks for reading,

    Marina G

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