Students facing censorship

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  1. UofC Student says:

    I happen to be a student at the University of Calgary and I think the Pridgen brothers case is ridiculous. If they hated the professor so much they should have dropped the class. There are many resources available to university students to determine whether or not a professor is good, easy, attentive, rude, punctual, helpful, etc… and they obviously chose not to use them. They’d rather just complain in a cowardly and indirect forum behind a professors back. I can’t believe they won their case, it’s really a shame. People should be held accountable for their pathetic actions and the Universities should be able to discipline students who are not respecting their school, faculty, staff or other students. If this page had been a hate-page created about a gay student, a teachers assistant or a food-court employee, a lot less people would have been on the side of the creators. It’s easy to point fingers at professors, “oh they’re so hard with their grading and their tests” but perhaps these boys should have realized that sometimes you make sacrifices for a post-secondary education. Clearly they were more interested in behaving like immature high school students then adults with the priveledge to attend a great Canadian University. I hope U of C gets their appeal. And I hope students start spending less time complaining and more time shutting up, doing the work, and growing the hell up – no wonder he got a 65, he clearly spent more time whining about the work then actually doing it.

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