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Album Review: Satin Playground by Dacey

Satin Playground Dacey Dacey Score: A Dacey’s latest EP, Satin Playground will have you melting into your couch as you bathe in sunbeams on a Saturday afternoon. If you’re constantly looking to update your...


Album Review: Vindicator by Yukon Blonde

Vindicator Yukon Blonde Dine Alone Music Score: A- B.C. based indie-rock band, Yukon Blonde, has come out with their psychedelic fifth album, Vindicator. Consisting of 11 songs and 43 minutes of what feels like...


Album Review: Opia by Savannah Ré

Opia Savannah Ré Universal Music Canada Score: B+ Debuting her first album, Toronto’s Savannah Ré presents a sultry, seductive sensitivity with Opia. Consisting of only 24 minutes of passionate R&B, Ré’s honey-like vocals will...