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Calgary’s canvas of women-led art

By Ayra Fouad, Staff Writer Nada Khatib – Knife Painter Nada Khatib replaces the paintbrush, a tool that has become almost synonymous with painting, with an equally useful and versatile tool; the palette knife....


Embracing the evolution of art

By Ayra Fouad, Staff Writer Societal biases are a subconscious force over which we, as individuals, have minimal control — yet they have a great influence on our opinions. We are so heavily affected by...


Apparel line STRYVE supports following your dreams

By Kemi Omorogbe, Contributor Being a young entrepreneur is no walk in the park. 23-year-old Romar Duco can confirm this with his early start in creating his clothing brand, “STRYVE.” Not only is STRYVE a brand that sells sweaters, t-shirts, tanks...