Faith Column: The fundamental problem with religious fundamentalism

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  1. WriterWriter says:

    The problem with eradicating the kind of religion that “proliferates discrimination, violence and division,” and the problem with dismissing “sacred” texts and acknowledging they are full of holes and lies and ridiculous, fantastical stories is two-fold.

    On the one hand, religious conservatives, who cleave to the same “sacred” texts as fundamentalists, form a very firm, broad foundation upon which those religions sit and from which fundamentalists can fight their murderous wars: if the broad base accepts the stories and believes the fantasy, then the fundamentalists can believe themselves the most pious.

    On the other hand, if those texts are dismissed as nothing more than stories that reflect the time they were written and are nothing more than the verbal histories of tribal conquests written down many eons later, religions will quite simply fall apart and that will never do.

    Just try explaining to any fundamentalist – any stripe – that there is near absolute zero evidence the main characters in their plays even existed and that, if those players did exist, they were most definitely crazy a la Jim Jones but operated without the modern context, media coverage and general societal skepticism practiced by even the most fundamental of modern fundies and so escaped the incarceration they might be subjected to in modern, science-based society.

    No amount of evidence, research, proof, and no matter how large the gaps in the story or how endlessly impossible the scenarios are (how DID Noah deal with all the shit that piled up on a daily basis?), fundamentalists will kick and scream and threaten to cut of your head or screw your mother (check the posts here for reference:, threaten you with eternal burning, cast aspersions on your self, your children and your house rather than try to either corroborate their story or disprove the facts.

    If Mohammed or Jesus ever did exist and ever decided to return, neither would be accepted as the real McCoy because neither would in any way conform to the convoluted and bizarre characterizations proposed by those who claim to have insider knowledge. Religion is its own personal cannibal.

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