Faith Column: If these walls could talk

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  1. Jesse says:

    Many describe the “Emergent Church” as a postmodern contrast to the modern evangelical church. This means no more modern megachurches, no more superficial modern structures, no more of those ridiculous Christian rock concerts. The “Emergent Church” has instead attempted to look deeper into the history of the Christian story to find meaning. This is why Awaken in Bowness has chosen to use the Common Lectionary (used by a billion christian worldwide) for reading scripture. This is why FreedomChurch in Toronto chooses to hold service in an Anglican church that was built in 1858. This is also why West Side Kings in Signal Hill has started their statement of believe with the claim that they “our connected to the historic faith of the church, a faith that is shared through the generations, across denominational borders and divisions.” Your story simply confirms that you are apart of this same movement. Now of course the “Emergent Church” is vast and varied and perhaps some of what you expressed does exist within the movement. But I would argue that this generalization of “old church” culture is far from a major theme within the movement. Here is a list of Emergent Churches within Canada.

    All three of the churches I mentioned are included in this list.

    Grace and Peace,


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