Poor reception by Telus frustrates MRU community

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2 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    I have similar poor reception issue with my new Telus service (Nokia E72). I had intended to use this phone for business use. I just sent a complaint to Telus; then got curious and googled who else maybe having this problem. I now wish I had googled Telus service first before I signed the contract. I now live in Dartmouth, reception is terrible so I’ve been using my personal cell phone with Bell and seem to work flawlessly so far(I’m from Ontario so I’m still keeping my old cell phone active). At the moment, I am using this Telus activated cell phone as paper weight…for papers right beside my laptop…working well so far!

    • NewsEditor says:

      Hi Rick,

      Make sure to follow up with Telus if you don’t hear back from them or you’re still getting poor service after that. The Telus rep. told us that the company needs to see a high volume of complaints before they’ll take action in a specific area, such as our university campus or certain parts of your city. Good to hear from ya!

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