Ex-lover overload

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  1. May says:

    I’ve found that when I’m in a room with multiple partners, it amounts to little more than being in a room full of friends. As you mentioned, when you draw your sexual partners from your social circle, it’s bound to happen that the person you’re hooking up with now is the person your friend hooked up with last year. With that in mind, we should break off relationships (capital “R” relationships or flings) when we can still think “Yeah, I could stand to see him/her at every social occasion I attend.”

    The problem isn’t looking across the room and saying “yeah.. I hit that”, or hearing about how the so-so lover on your mental list is “the most amazing” for someone else…it’s not about counting how many people in that room know where your hidden birthmark is either – it’s when people can’t get past their break up or bad experience and bring all that negativity back into that room, so instead of sitting in a room full of warm fuzzies and happy memories, you’re sitting in that room with multiple partners full of venom, jealousy, or unresolved issues.

    THAT is when the multiple partner room is hard to deal with…
    … on the other hand, giving a recommendation to a friend for a past lover, and seeing them deliriously happy several years later – full of awesome!

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