Managing stress, one bite at a time

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  1. Chris Palmer says:

    Well written. I would like to point out that there are somewhat healthy choices available on the Mount Royal campus. I am no longer a student of the school, but I did attend last year and I am relatively certain little has changed.

    If you’re aiming healthy, you shouldn’t be in the Wykham house food court to begin with. Lets face it — We all love the fries at Wyked Deli, the blizzards at DQ and the various offerings at EDO, but none of these are very nutritional.

    So here’s the deal. Take the stairs up to the second level of the main building (main street if you will) and instead of heading to Wkyham House, go to the Herb N’ Market / Courtside Cafe’. There are some great healthy offerings up there that won’t increase your waistline. (Cyclone & Stacks are excellent — avoid the OPA temptation)

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