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Be Prepared

Samara Hawkins Features Editor   Stockpile alcohol: Liquor can not only be used to disinfect gaping war wounds, it can also forget about your miserable existence… and make the-not-so-attractive, well, better. We’re going to...


Sex Column: Expletive Etiquette

A history of the Swiss Army Knife of curses   Vanessa Redux Sex Columnist   It was the word that some heard, some more than others, in those first formative years. The word that,...


Sled Island: Men of many moustaches, little clothing

Add together six moustaches, three Israeli men, three Calgary shows, and you’ve got Tel Aviv’s Monotonix plus Calgary’s Sled Island festival. Doesn’t seem proportionate? Take drummer “Bonanza” Haggai Fershtman’s word for it. If he...