Faith Column: An evolution in faith

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  1. WriterWriter says:


    Been there, done that. 10 Generations of pastors in my Baptist family, five (cousins) in this generation.

    Couple of sites for you:

    Hitchen’s God is Not Great is an excellent read and is a must-read for everyone, but particularly the ‘faithful.’

    Otherwise, Hitchens on YouTube.

    On Twitter, follow the #atheist or #atheism (or both) hash tags for access to tons and tons of educated, fact-based conversation.

    Also consider this: most people are atheist with respect to all gods proposed by humans throughout history – that would be the approximately 5000; ask yourself why you don’t ‘believe’ in the other 4999 and you will understand why belief in the one you chose (which ever it is) is equally lacking in one key element; evidence.

    Otherwise, watch this. Needs an open mind and a will to suspend “I’m offended by that” for 9.5 minutes.

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