The Hub bars outside food and drink

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3 Responses

  1. Steph says:

    Might I add that the service at The Hub is terrible and the servers are rarely nice. This is not a friendly place for students to go. The Liberty Lounge may have failed in many ways, but at the very least it was comfortable. Students should be allowed to eat food they made or bought somewhere else. Students pay into the student’s association, it’s only fair that they benefit from it. It is not beneficial to make students choose to either pay for the greasy pub food or be separated from their friends.

    … Oh and the food sucks! 😉

  2. Lisa Dunkin says:

    It’s really unfair that the food, which doesn’t taste very good, is so much more expensive in comparison to what you can buy outside of the hub. Why not have a one drink minimum if you bring food? If I’m there I want to be drinking, not eating. It never had food before, no one wants it. Totally gross. I hate having to pick between sitting alone, without a beer, and a snack.

  3. Kass says:

    What do you expect us students to think when for the the first two months of being open The Hub welcomed students to bring in outside food and drinks. Even though this is a university, students wont catch on THAT fast.
    Granted now that you’ve launched your kitchen and you are after all a business and the money is what counts, maybe make the menu a little more accommodating to everyone? I was in there not too long ago and there were two vegetarian options on the menu. And no, just eating fries doesn’t count as a meal. I think in order to boost sales a larger menu and more benefits for the students (like being able to bring in your own food) would be a huge improvement.

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