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  1. Marshall said that he is baffled by people with more than 200 Facebook friends.

    “We used to call people nuts that had imaginary friends they’ve never seen,” he said.

    Proof that Mr. Marshall doesn\’t get it. Nobody is claiming 200 friends, they have 200 contacts. The difference is they are semi-active. I\’m sure Mr. Marshall once had a Rolodex, but I doubt anyone criticized the size of that now archaic piece of technology. I agree Facebook has usurped the word \’friend\’, but those of us who use the service integrally in our daily lives can make the distinction just fine thank you. Social media allows me to stay connected with aspects of my community I never could have before hand.

    My smart phone is a force multiplier, I\’m not longer just a man, I\’m nearly 2 men with what technology allows me to accomplish. For years I envied over the transporter in the star trek series, my iphone is the next best thing, I can be somewhere, in seconds, for seconds, without leaving my room, and return to where I was. I can stand in a farmers field in the middle of a photography shoot and take a video call from a friend in Thailand (did it on Saturday), or consult with a committed member two hours before an event to firm up preparations while being on the other side of the city (did that today.)

    I know Mr. Marshall doesn\’t dispute these advantages, what concerns him is the noise. There is much more of it out there than signal, but we get to cultivate our own SNR these days, as opposed to being told what it will be.

    Mr. Marshall also says “Dependency, no matter how you look at it, is a bad thing,” Marshall said. “I’m worried just a little bit that maybe, just maybe, we’re getting a little too dependent on social media in all aspects of our lives.” I dispute this as well. I\’m dependant on o2, not a bad thing. Fallacious yes, but it goes to the further point that we\’re all dependant on social interaction. We all used to depend on horse and buggy to facilitate that, or days long journeys, but I wonder if anyone ever said we were too dependant on mass transit for social interaction, in a negative tone.

    My point is this, if you\’ve stayed with my rant this long, Social media is good, FBFriends aren\’t real friends, we\’re smart enough to make that distinction on our own, even if others miss that, and social dependency is a human trait, and not a bad one, it\’s the key to our success. The issue is addiction and poor decision making, but neither of those have anything to do with the technology, they pre-date it and will survive it. If you think I\’m wrong, tweet me @williamconner, I\’m always listening, or at least my phone is.

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