It’s good to be a wear of art

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2 Responses

  1. May says:

    A dress + face paint =/= wearable art anymore than a bikini + some yarn and wire + face paint OR bikini + necklace + face paint does.

    If you need face and body paint to make your creation “artistic” then perhaps you should be going to DelMar instead of ACAD?

    There were perhaps 3 garments here that I would really call wearable art… the rest; spectacle, performance, sure.. but not wearable art. This looked like more of an excuse to put on lingerie, do some face-painting, and hop up on a stage under some coloured lights, after having a couple of drinks. Boring.

  2. ashleigh says:

    To add to the previous comment,

    I am extremely irritated and upset by your comment, I was one of the artist, and for your own sake i did the glass pieces that were worn over the boob with led lights. And yes you are right, it was a spectacle, and yes a performance. But if you know anything about artaWearness; it is a performative wearable art show.

    Were you even there? Because if you were I think you would have appreciated the performances a lot more. Some of these artists have spend hundreds of hours. Speaking for my self I have spent over and above that.

    I think you should take back your comment, as clearly you have no respect or appreciation for the artistic community. Get to know it a little better, because its all around you. Get back to me when you do…..

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