Video: CBC coverage of ‘Flag debate’

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2 Responses

  1. Shane Flug says:

    So it’s one student’s word against more than 10 000 that made the SAMRC feel compelled to make a big stink out of a big nothing, making us look like an unpatriotic laughingstock in the news in the meantime?

    And the SAMRC wonders WHY The Reflector’s reporting is hard on them?

  2. Edward Ashby says:

    If the questionnaire goes forward on this debate, my colleagues and I who have financially supported student’s needs in the past, will no longer do so and we will promote other financiers to stop contributing to an organization such as the MRC and the Students Union who do not value our country’s symbol. Our flag is your symbol of hope and of our history. It is the symbol of unwavering sacrifice for freedom. The fact that this is even under debate and is moving forward as a questionnaire is a clear demonstration that our past commitments to the students and their union leaders has been thrown to the ground. Your values, clearly, are not our values. We are ashamed not only for you but also on a personal level for having invested so heavily to you in the past. Our history and our flag is not up for debate and neither are our values.

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