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Album review: Morbid Stuff by PUP

PUP Morbid Stuff Rise Score: A Returning with their third album, PUP’s Morbid Stuff is front to back what pop-punk dreams are made of. Where the Toronto band’s second album, The Dream is Over...


Album review: Tasmania by Pond

Pond Tasmania Spinning Top Records Score: A Constantly peaking and dropping with reverb wrapped vocals and cutting synths, Australian psych-rock elites Pond create an atmosphere of dizzying cosmic-soundscapes on Tasmania. Often more of an...


Album review: Quiet Signs by Jessica Pratt

Jessica Pratt Quiet Signs Mexican Summer Score: B+ Fans of resurgent folk artist Vashti Bunyan rejoice, for the logical next step in sprightly falsetto-folk is the California-based Jessica Pratt, with her latest album Quiet...