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Canadian power duo Bonjay add new twist to live shows

by Sarah Kitteringham The duo that makes up Canadian dancehall/R&B/ indie-rock hybrid Bonjay are an affable pair. Vocalist Alanna Stuart and beats and effects creator Ian “Pho” Swain answer a call from the Reflector...


Comedian is hot(z) stuff

by Blaine Meller There are a lot of things that make Jeremy Hotz laugh; politics, universities, Sarah Palin, the Saddledome and ointment. Ointment? “You can’t be a big tough guy, walk into a store...


Virgin Fest: Big sound, bigger van

Ryan Guldemond, leader of the Vancouver-based modern-rock group Mother Mother, is becoming an authority on cheap hotels. “We’re on the road so much, I’m a regular hotel connoisseur,” jokes the Bowie-esque guitarist and frontman....