Divide over pipeline spills onto street

  • IMG_1865
    Protestors were met by counter-protestors and a heavy police presence outside the TransCanada tower in downtown Calgary. Photo by Jenna Tytgat
  • IMG_1868
    Efforts at reconciliation by the Canadian government were frequently brought to contrast violence against Indigenous people by the protestors. Photo by Jenna Tytgat.
  • IMG_1878
    Protest organizer Michelle Robinson noted in an interview with CBC Calgary that the protest was not entirely anti-pipeline, but rather one of anti-violence sentiment. Photo by Jenna Tytgat
  • IMG_1880
    Protestor Liam Skidmore was one of many who displayed signs boasting slogans of solidarity and anti-pipeline statements during the Wet'suwet'en solidarity protest Jan. 8, 2019 in Downtown Calgary. Photo by Jenna Tytgat
  • IMG_1909
    Protestors occupied the sidewalk outside the TransCanada tower Jan. 8, 2019, chanting and playing drums in the name of solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en Nation. Photo by Jenna Tytgat
  • IMG_1937
    Abbey Shaw burns Sage at the Wet'suwet'en solidarity protest, January 8, 2019. Photo by Jenna Tytgat
  • IMG_1956
    Chants of "Kill that pipe" and "Solidarity, consent" rang out from protestors outside the TransCanada tower Jan. 8, 2019. Photo by Jenna Tytgat

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