Ross’ Rants: No secret frustrations

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2 Responses

  1. James Monteith says:

    A buddy told me this column was up, so of course I had to read it. I have to say, I was expecting the worst. You made me smile though. I half expected this to be a bash column, but you’re doing pretty much what the rest of us are. It gets tiring reading about the same stupid garbage all the time, or the confessions that were placed merely to get some likes. Good on you, boss!

  2. James says:

    I’m with you on this. From what I’ve heard, the admins don’t even go to mru, they just started the page. Now they are going to throw this party and charge students $20 a person or what ever it is and take in all this money. Supposedly they are giving out a total of $1500 by the end of the night, but still, this is two people who don’t even go to mount royal taking in $20,000 of students money. While we are all struggling to get by in school they are getting payed quite nicely it’s coming from our pockets and going into theirs. We could give this money to our school by supporting one of its fundraisers to better our education and experience…but no.

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