Doesn’t smell like school spirit

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2 Responses

  1. Grace says:

    That is disheartening. I am a new MRU student who is quiet eager to get involved in my new community. From what I have seen, and being new I realize might make it limited, but it feels like there definitely is a disconnect when it comes to the human factor in all these events. Maybe instead of just posting posters, there could be small rallies to promote this events that can awaken some awareness in students.

  2. Will Conner says:

    Its not for trying. I’m the events coordinator for Improvination, the campus improv troupe, and we run into opposition all the time from MRU. The SA is very accommodating, but we hear “no” more from MRU bearucrats than anything else, assuming they respond at all. There’s a lack of humor in this institution and it’s facilitated by the management and operations teams. It’s frustrating, but we are working through it. It would be nice to focus on event details as opposed to rewriting proposals and chasing people down any time we want to do anything. MRU administration has explicitly said they don’t want any engagement where students aren’t explicitly choosing to engage, we’re not allowed to surprise people or put them in situations that are even remotely uncomfortable. And don’t get me started about temporarily altering the aesthetic experience of the campus.

    Sorry. Its hard to build a culture of spontaneity and levity in such an environment. We are working on it however, and with support can crack this institutions stoic facade.

    Improvination meets 5-6:30 on Thursday’s in e161. Come join us.

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