Competition in question

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  1. May says:

    If Sodexo is committed to providing service year-round, why is it ok for them to consistently lay-off employees (or give them next-to-no hours) during the slow season, and have ridiculously short hours during the spring, summer, and breaks? How are other users of MRU benefiting from this arrangement? Cont. Ed, Conservatory, Recreation, spring semester, (etc) students, staff and clients are missing out on this “commitment”. When you are taking a class in EB, and there is a coffee shop right next to your classroom (which is closed), when you’re coming to watch your kid’s swim lesson and the juice bar is in sight (but closed), crossing campus to go to Wyckham House isn’t the best option, not if every student and user of food services at MRU is giving up the options of a free-market system because of this contracted “commitment”.
    Another point I would like to see the Reflector cover on this issue is the idea of ethical purchasing. Has anyone seen the major Labour Relations complaints Sodexo is facing in other countries?

  2. Nic says:

    ‎”He listed several examples of rival businesses including Tim Hortons and Good Earth, Far East Fusion and Edo Japan, and Mr. Sub and Subway.”

    Well, this is a misleading statement if I ever heard one. Mr. Sub and Tim Hortons are run by Sodoex (or however you spell it) that is why staff and students can purchase these for meetings. and as for Good earth, far east, edo, and subway. these are in the W. House which is owned by the students association and if we were to buy from here for our meetings then we’d have to stay in W. House which is not always the most helpful option, especially when we have resource rooms on campus.

    /end rant.

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