Terry Grant balances hardcore with hardwood

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4 Responses

  1. Jimmy says:

    I am confused about the comment at the end of the article; “Recently, Terry Grant, star of Mantracker, decided to hang up his saddle and retire. The search for a new Mantracker begins”. It is my understanding that the people who produce the show forced Mr. Grant to “hang up his saddle as Mantracker” rather than him deciding to do so himself. For me and my family, they can search all they want, we won’t be watching anymore. Mr. Grant is the one and only Mantracker!

  2. R. Davies says:

    Huh, I must have been in a cave somewhere. I had no idea that Terry Grant was leaving Mantracker. I’m with Jimmy. Great premise, but wouldn’t be the same without the personality and mad skills.

    Sort of like Rockford without Jim Garner, Idol without Simon….what’s the point?

  3. cindy stadler says:

    hi..sorry to see mantracker terry grant leave the show.. will miss him and his way of finding the people.. why, i like it..

  4. Elaine Woloszyn says:

    Well what the “H” happened. I realize I may be a little behind BUT I just turned on mantracker and some other guy is riding in trying to be him. NOT HAPPENING! Sorry to be rude BUT it will not be interesting or exciting because MANTRACKER (the original) just had a way with words. It’s not as fun anymore

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