I’m beautiful and I don’t look anything like you

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  1. Good post. I agree with >”Elmer Olsen of Elmer Olsen Models in Toronto argues that fashion isn’t about reflecting reality – it’s about fantasy ”

    And a lot of non European models do get work the real issue is that everyone ignores the fashion industrys in other countrys and only focuses on America and Europe.

  2. May says:

    Good article – the only part I disagree with is the notion that if someone is pretty, but not “right” (booty or otherwise) for modeling that they should be an actress instead. (The thought being that both require someone to be physically attractive.) Isn’t that kind of like saying if a journalist isn’t making enough money, she should write screenplays instead? (The thought being that both careers involve writing.)

    While yes, there are some similarities between ~good~ models and ~good~ actors (I’m not talking about treat-of-the-week celebutants who are famous, but not talented), they both require different personalities, different skill sets, different connections, different education.. etc… Just as journalists and screenwriters have their own unique skill sets that set them apart – a talented model is valued for more than just ‘a pretty face’, as is a good actor – and the two aren’t interchangeable.

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