Walking on sunshine

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  1. Tod says:

    “Everybody has recognized vitamin D as the sunshine vitamin. They realize it helps prevent rickets in children”

    Nigerian children get rickets, because it’s a nutritional disease Before agriculture it didn’t exist. Vitamin D synthesis switches off in exposed skin after 20 minutes in summer. Look at where Britain is on the map compared to the entire US Believing white skin evolved to maximize vitamin D in northern Europe leads to ignoring the question of why it’s synthesis switchs off after 20 minutes.

    The answer is that white skin doesn’t have anything to do with Vitamin D because all the vitamin D you need to see you through the winter’s UVB-less months will be made in the summer,(yes its stored). Because vitamin D metabolism is designed to cope with the excess that is available, yes even in the north, taking high doses in pills will not have a deleterious effect for quite a long while. Do you think Hollick knows better than evolution?

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