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MRU lets go of politically divisive professor

By Keoputhy Bunny, News Editor Frances Widdowson has been let go from her tenured position as an associate professor at Mount Royal University (MRU). Widdowson made waves in 2020 by criticizing the growing Black...


Nenshi gone from campus, but not forgotten

by Zoey Duncan Now they call him “Your Worship” instead of associate professor and he can take the C-Train straight to work if he wants. Naheed Nenshi has moved his textbooks out of the...


Eco conference is step toward ‘tipping point

by Catherine Szabo An indication of how hyperaware we are about the environment is evident with words like “green-washing” creeping into our language. But Mario Trono, an English professor at Mount Royal University, still doesn’t think we’re at the tipping point yet. Trono...