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Zola Jesus miraculous at Central United

By Therese Shultz Central United Church was filled once again on June 23 as the venue was taken over by the haunting and ominous sounds of Zola Jesus. Nika Roza Danilova, lead songstress from...


Sled Island Day 1, part 1:

By Selina Renfrow 213 bands. 4 days. It’s not the most music in that short a short period of time, but Sled Island’s line up is impressive and daunting. Knowing full well that I couldn’t...


Sled Island: Tigers on the prowl

Seamless integration and fluid, catchy melodies are likely the elements that stick out when first listening to Vancouver-based septet Fond of Tigers, however, guitarist and band leader Stephen Lyons admits that a great deal...