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CD Review: Spooky Guy by Danny Gonzalez

Danny Gonzalez Spooky Guy Single Score: A Following up 2017’€™s acclaimed, yet criminally underrated Halloween-harmony “Spooky Boy,” Danny Gonzalez once again delivers with “€œSpooky Guy”€ by mixing skeletal, synth-laced beats with crisp, frenetic hi-hats...


CD Review: Last Building Burning by Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings Last Building Burning Carpark Score: A- For an album being heralded by many music outlets as “€œCloud Nothings goes experimental,”€ Last Building Burning is surprisingly straightforward. That’€™s not to say there’€™s anything...


CD Review: Bottle It In by Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile Bottle It In Matador Score: B+ Laying back in his now signature slacker-twang tone, Kurt Vile’€™s latest solo effort Bottle It In creates an atmosphere of extended jams and lyrical mantras throughout...