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Winter 2018 to-watch list

By Dan Khavkin, Sports Editor With winter break just days away, most of us will be catching up on our sleep schedules. But the plethora of sport events will have millions of eyes glued to...


We the North and we mean it

By Hayden Koch, Contributor It’s hot in the north with Kawhi Leonard in Toronto and Lebron James off in the west, the Raptors have a real chance of taking Canada to the NBA finals. Last...


Concussed reasoning

Head injuries need to be taken seriously   Todd Colin Vaughan Sports Editor   In the old days, an athlete could have their head smashed into the ground and their coach would laugh, telling...


A tale of two small-market cities

NHL Oilers and NBA Sonics fans lose the new arena game   Todd Colin Vaughan Sports Editor   Daryl Katz, recluse owner of the Edmonton Oilers, made some interesting choices in the past few...


Todd’s Nods: Summer Lovin’

April showers bring May flowers.   In sports nothing could be more true. April is often the month where sports fans are subjected to “the sink or swim” mentality of making the playoffs.  ...


Todd’s Nod’s: Metta World Peace

The nickname is a time-honoured tradition in sports. From the NBA’s “Iceman” George Gervin to the NHL’s Mark “Moose” Messier, we as a sports society love giving our heroes a fitting moniker. However, what...


The scary side of sports

by Blaine Meller Another Halloween has come and gone, but this time, it left something behind other than stomach aches and dentist bills: The scariest sports personalities of all time. 1. Mike Tyson In...


NBA bleeds Laker yellow

Photographer Aris Aristorenas commemorates the Los Angeles Lakers’ NBA championship with shots he took during Game 1 against the Orlando Magic in the finals.