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A painful introduction to the world of wrestling

By Blaine Meller Sports Editor OK, a show of hands: How many people think professional wrestling is fake? Or better yet, how many people have watched professional wrestling and thought to themselves, “hey, I...


In space, no one can hear you scream

by Aaron Chatha Features Editor Turn off the lights, turn on the sound and make sure the batteries in the controller are full. Also, a change of underwear might not be a bad idea....


New parking laws proposed

by Bryan Weismiller News Editor A new piece of legislation could have implications for Mount Royal University’s current parking situation. Bill 23 may make it easier to ticket and tow illegally parked vehicles on...


‘Flec in the house

by Kelsey Hipkin Curling. For some, it’s a dull, lifeless sport consisting of an older crowd hanging out in turtlenecks and polyester pants. For others, the strategy, the action and the curlers themselves (judging from...


Sitting down with David Swann

The Reflector’s layout editor, Kelsey Chadwick, sits down with David Swann on Jan. 28. Swann is the liberal leader of the Official Opposition of Alberta as well as MLA of Calgary Mountain View.


The Reflector keeps going and going

by Reflector Staff As students attempt to dig themselves out from under the mountain of end of term assignments, the amount of all-nighters and cram sessions are increasing. It is no wonder then, that...


Reflecting on time well spent

I don’t really do the whole crying thing. In fact, ask those who know best and few will tell you they have ever seen me shed tear; so you can imagine my surprise as...


You say goodbye and we say hello

Telling someone to jump in headfirst is awful advice. Most of us spend several years of our youth in swimming lessons learning about the dangers of doing so, especially when you don’t know how...

X-Fighters soar through Calgary skies

Photographer Duncan Kinney and Publishing Editor Jeremy Nolais spent a recent evening at the Red Bull X-Fighters in Calgary. Australia’s Robbie Maddison came out on top.