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Stampede Calorie Challenge 2010

By Kelsey Hipkin *Disclaimer: Have you ever seen that episode of CSI where the poor guy eats himself to death? This is nothing like that, sort of…there was lots of eating but no death. What...


Stampede: No clowning around in bull fighting

Very few people would have the cojones to stand in front of a 1,800-pound bull, some might even call them crazy but bull fighter Dave Sandilands does it for the thrills. “Pure adrenalin rush,”...


Stampede: One hour, 1800+ calories

Disclaimer — Before reading the following, it is not recommended you try this experiment unless you are wise and knowledgable of the ways of junk food. I have been practicing the art of junk food consumption...

X-Fighters soar through Calgary skies

Photographer Duncan Kinney and Publishing Editor Jeremy Nolais spent a recent evening at the Red Bull X-Fighters in Calgary. Australia’s Robbie Maddison came out on top.