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Album review: Quiet Signs by Jessica Pratt

Jessica Pratt Quiet Signs Mexican Summer Score: B+ Fans of resurgent folk artist Vashti Bunyan rejoice, for the logical next step in sprightly falsetto-folk is the California-based Jessica Pratt, with her latest album Quiet...


Decolonizing MRU: What is colonization?

By Ricardo-Andres Garcia, Contributor MRU hosted an event — #decolonizeMRU on Jan. 11. The event Facebook page said that the purpose of the event was to “decolonize MRU” and to support “Indigenization initiatives.” The event...


A pretty face with a murderous mind

By Mackenzie Gellner, Contributor Recently, the idea of romanticizing attractive psychopaths has taken over the realm of newly released series. However, it has been a concept held for years both in the media and in...