biggieBigoa Machar

Publishing Editor


Hi there! My name is Bigoa Machar, part-time journalist and full-time day dreamer. Born and raised right here in Cowtown, I’m an avid League of Legends player, hardcore Toronto Raptors fan and a self-proclaimed hip-hop head. When I’m not writing or doing any of the above, I enjoy cycling trips along the Bow River, playing pick-up basketball or reading Spider Man comic books. Fears include crows, people with bad grammar, and hares (not cute little bunnies, the creepy motherfuckers with the pointy ears). And before you ask, no, I don’t watch Game of Thrones.


img_2930Amy Tucker

News Editor


I’m a story teller by nature and a perpetual learner of journalism. I have an affinity with world cultures, languages, souls, and food. As a fourth year student at Mount Royal University, I’m currently developing my speciality in international reporting. My first steps towards this has been travel – getting to know the world community. I have travelled extensively through Asia including a trip to India this past May. There, I worked on a short documentary-style video on dance as an integral part of life and moral at an orphanage.

While I have an inclination for feature pieces, I have also covered local news with stories appearing in, The Reflector, MRU Newsroom, and The Calgary Journal.  This semester I will be taking on the role of president for MRU’s Journalism Society, a student-lead organization which hosts events to discuss journalism best practices and promotes engagement between industry professionals and students.


Robyn Welsh

Features Editor

Robyn Welsh is always looking for the perfect quote. She is a second year journalism student who became a staff writer in her first year. Among her favorite things are grandpa sweaters, stationary, and creative writing. As a passionate feminist, Robyn constantly finds herself questioning double-standards and getting mad at sexist remarks. She constantly craves sushi and can often be found riding around on her motorized scooter or enjoying a cup of coffee down the road at Monogram. Robyn loves art, rainy days, and all things plant related (just ask the 50-plus plants in her house). She hopes to bring exciting content to the Reflector and is excited to be the new Features Editor!


Kennedy Enns

Arts Editor


Kennedy Enns is a second year journalism student and has been writing for The Reflector as a staff writer since her first year. She is thrilled to take over as Arts editor this year and hopes to inspire as many students to become new contributors as she can. Kennedy spends her time writing, listening to sad songs and over analyzing movies. Her reigning favorite movie in Gone Girl. In her lack of spare time she also runs a feminist arts and lifestyle website with three of her friends (including Features editor Robyn Welsh!) called Vamp Media. She hates writing about herself.


Brendan Stasiewich

Sports Editor


I’m Brendan Stasiewich, my friends call me Staz and I aspire to one day be as great of a man as our gracious publishing editor, Bigoa Machar. Because sports are undoubtedly man’s greatest creation I have spent my three years at Mount Royal primarily writing about everything that occurs on the court, the ice, the pitch, or any other area where athletics take place. Tom Brady (the GOAT) is my hero and Tiger Woods my role model. I sport a +1 handicap on the course and am looking forward to the opportunity to be the new sports editor for the Reflector Newspaper. I’m also a very below average rapper with absolutely no musical aspirations; but still feel free to check out my NSFW mixtape on Soundcloud.


Nina Grossman

Layout Editor


Masha is excited to be taking over as the Layout Editor for The Reflector this year. She is a fourth year student in the journalism program, and has been writing for The Reflector for the past year. She enjoyed doing layout and design work with the Calgary Journal in the past and hopes to continue doing more visual work in print. She loves to travel and hopes to find a job in some foreign, far-away country after she graduates from Mount Royal in the spring, or attempt to move back to the home country of the Netherlands to attend further schooling.


img_7599Melanie Walsh

Photo Editor


Nina Grossman is a fourth year student at Mount Royal, but a second year Journalism student. She is excited to take on the role of News Editor this year, hoping to shed light on all the changes happening in federal and provincial politics and the way they will impact students in Alberta. After some time as a Public Relations major, Nina is thrilled to have found her passion in writing and editing, and is looking forward to learning from the talented and experienced editors at the Reflector this year. Nina is a lover of all things with caffeine, late homework nights with (a lot of) wine and her cat, Gracie. She loves art, reading, and seeking out the new food spots in Calgary. In fact food is more or less her number one priority. Nina’s travels and curiosity about the world led her to journalism. She normally smiles in photos but her hair looked good in this picture so she went with it.


brettluftBrett Luft

Web Editor


Hey. I’m Brett. I’m a fifth-year journalism student here at Mount Royal University. I’m fascinated with culture and technology, and as a result of that I just wrapped up studying for a year at Hirosaki University in Japan.

If there’s one thing I can say from my experiences here at Mount Royal, it’s this: doing something fun with your university experience is the best part about student life.

At The Reflector I am the lowly Web Editor. I help The Reflector crew digitize their portfolio while placing an emphasis on the more pressing news.

I tend to write about dank memes and dank meme accessories. Hopefully my humour doesn’t fly over your head, and I look forward to sharing our work with the lovely students at Mount Royal University.