Robyn Welsh

Publishing Editor


I’m Robyn Welsh, your new coffee loving Publishing Editor. I have an affinity for cozy sweaters that make me feel elderly and own too many pairs of glasses. You can often find me ogling over new stationary, stuffing my face full of sushi or admiring and creating art. My current mission is to buff up my knowledge and catch up on all the movies experts like Colin Macgillivray have already seen. But don’t ask me what my favourite movie is; I’m particularly bad at choosing favourites. I can’t wait to spend my last semester on campus and with the Reflector meeting and recruiting new contributors. If you’re interested, shoot me or one of the other editors an email!


Nathan Woolridge

News Editor


Hey! My name is Nathan Woolridge and this is my third year at MRU and my first year being an editor at the Reflector. As a journalism student at MRU, I am excited for the opportunity to produce more content and work with other students on stories. I am passionate about journalism and the media and love to explore new media and marketing models. I am also taking a minor in Political Science because I am really interested in politics and current events. Come find me if you are too: I am always open for a great political discussion! Aside from journalism and politics, I’m a huge Flames fan and I love to collect things, especially vinyl records. But, I do spend most of my spare time indulging my Twitter addiction, which has gotten worse over time.


Rosemary J. De Souza

Features Editor


Hi! I’m Rosemary De Souza (but people just call me Rose), and I’m very excited to be your new Features Editor this year. This will be my fourth year in the MRU Journalism program and my second year with the Reflector. Being born in the Middle East, raised by a mother from the Philippines and a father from India, I would say that travelling was not just a privilege but my way of life. My travels helped me get in touch and gain a deeper understanding of my parents’ upbringing and cultures. From these travels came my love of food, film and storytelling. I grew up eating foods, reading books and watching movies from different countries; I was always amazed of the similarities and differences in culture, artistry and ideology of the different places I visited. I hope to bring the diversity I’ve witnessed to my writing as I continue to open myself up to new ideas and thought.


Colin Macgillivray

Arts Editor


My name is Colin Macgillivray and I am really excited to continue my stint as the Arts Editor for the Reflector! I recently completed a four-month work term in northern B.C. vas a one-man newsroom for three, small community papers and I’m more than ready to start writing about what I love again—the arts. Whether it’s film, literature, video games or even theatre, I’m your guy. In my spare time, I host an entertainment and comedy podcast dedicated to the world of film, scour the streets for the best Subway sandwich and try to learn how to type using more than just my index fingers. Ultimately, I’m really looking forward to sharing my love of arts with the Reflector again this year.


Dan Khavkin

Sports Editor


Yo, it’s your boy Dan Khavkin, I’m absolutely elated to continue manning the Sports section of the Reflector for a second straight year. I’ll be covering and updating our amazing campus readers with news regarding the MRU Cougars teams and athletes along with other news revolving around the world of sports. As always, you’ll catch me watching sport games and shows (sometimes in class) or staying active in the MRU gym in my free time. I’m also regarded as a tracksuit enthusiast by my peers.


Andi Endruhn

Layout Editor


Hey! I’m Andi Endruhn, and I’m absolutely stoked to be the new Layout Editor this year! I love art and design and had a blast last year experimenting with them as Photo Editor and can’t wait to keep growing this year! If you run into me and I’m not yelling about my classes, I’m probably chatting someone up about coffee, forest foraged produce or vintage clothing restoration. I’m a happily self-professed expert at doing mountain sports with great mediocrity and am always happy to add another to my arsenal of amateurism. You can find me hunkered down in the Reflector office practicing my skills as a professional hermit. Come visit, and remind me about civilization while talking to me about contributing or collaborating on graphics and stories!


Amber McLinden

Photo Editor


Hey, it’s your new photo editor Amber McLinden! Last year I was the Features Editor and I spent a lot of time writing. This year, I can’t wait to spend a lot of time with photography and design. I’m a fourth year journalism student who has a semester to go before I’m slingshotted into the real world. In the meantime, I plan on spending my last few months at MRU drinking gallons of iced coffee, travelling when I can and working on one of my multitude of jobs out of the Reflector office. While my fellow editors have interesting hobbies like vintage clothing restoration or subway sandwich crafting, my main hobbies are sleeping at strange hours and ingesting dangerous amounts of caffeine. Besides all that, I look forward to contributing to an entirely different element of the paper this year!