Kennedy Enns

Publishing Editor


Hi there, I’m Kennedy Enns and I’m so excited to be your Publishing Editor this year. I’m a third year journalism student and have been writing for the Reflector since the first issue of my first year in this program. In my spare time I can be found with a camera in my hand shooting local shows around the city, picking up new books to add to an ever-growing stack or writing about music as BeatRoute’s feminist arts editor. I also love Carly Rae Jepsen and Sleater-Kinney. If you ever need to find me this school year, chances are I’ll be in the basement of Wyckham House editing this paper.


Anna Junker

News Editor


Hey! My name’s Anna but over the span of the past four months during my internship at the Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun I have been referred to as a “lazy reporter” and a “Fake News Clown.” This semester, I’m taking over the role as president of MRU’s Journalism Society, promoting tips and tricks for journalists, best practices and create an opportunity to learn from each other and industry professionals. I’m interested in human rights and politics at home and abroad. I also have a Twitter addiction. I’m in my fourth year of journalism and I somehow survived three years of university without my driver’s license.


Amber McLinden

Features Editor


Hi! My name’s Amber and I’m a workaholic! Besides being a third year journalism student, I work as a social media coordinator, a freelance writer/photographer, and your Features Editor. I also write a lot, including publishing articles and photos in BeatRoute, The Calgary Journal, Marriott Traveler, Flight Network, YYC Girl Gang, and of course, past issues of The Reflector. In my (lack of) free time, you can often find me drinking too many lattes, spending time with the people I love, enjoying some good tunes, and over-indulging my social media addiction. I enjoy reading and writing about current events, so you might find my name under a news article or two. I believe the Features section is where my love for reporting hasthe most room to evolve. I hope this year I can help contributors bring their ideas to life.


Colin Macgillivray

Arts Editor


I’m Colin Macgillivray and I am incredibly excited to be the new Arts Editor for The Reflector this year. For the past two years at Mount Royal University, I have been almost exclusively writing about local authors, filmmakers and chefs and the art that they create in their daily lives. I’m incredibly passionate about film and literature, and I’m hoping that there are countless contributors out there who would love to share their thoughts and ideas regarding their favourite art form. In my spare time, I primarily sit in my basement and watch movies, pet my dog, or try and learn how to read. I am also a huge fan of the mysterious and the macabre and love a good spook from time to time.


Dan Khavkin

Sports Editor


The name is Khavkin, Dan Khavkin. I am a second year journalism student here at Mount Royal and am looking forward to being the new Sports Editor for The Reflector after being a staff writer all throughout first year. I have a true passion for sports and aspire to be a sports writer for the rest of my life. My heroes include Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Harvey Spectre among many others. When I’m not analyzing sports in my free time, I enjoy playing them outside of school and staying fit at the MRU gym. I enjoy keeping up with current events and binge watching Netflix shows in my free time.


Robyn Welshrobynwelsh

Layout Editor


Hi, I’m Robyn Welsh, but most people call me Bean. This will be my third year in journalism at MRU writing and editing for The Reflector. Being born and raised in Calgary, travelling has given me a window into culture and humanity that has kept me longing to get out of the city to explore. A few of my favorite things are grandpa sweaters, stationary, and creative writing. As a passionate feminist, I constantly question double-standards and hope to bring that fire to the Reflector. I love art, rainy days, and all things plant related. I’m super excited to be the new Layout Editor for The Reflector.


Andi Endruhn

Photo Editor


I’m Andi Endruhn and I’m a third year journalism student and skilled procrastinator. Due to living in Calgary, I’ve had a long term love affair with the mountains since childhood and I can be routinely found in no cell-service zones, or finding my way back to them. When in the city, I can often be found amidst racks of used books, broken electronics, and mothballed clothes at thrift stores. Mostly looking for vintage books and clothes to add to my collection. I’m excited to join the Reflector team this year, and hope to bring my love for aesthetic and design to the pages of the paper!


Jolene Rudisuela

Web Editor


Hi! I’m Jolene Rudisuela and I’m super excited to be the Web Editor for the Reflector this year. Besides being a fourth year journalism student here at MRU, I keep myself busy by writing for airdrielife magazine, climbing mountains, pretending I know how to play guitar and procrastinating. As a journalist, I love telling stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And yes, I know there is a song about my name.