Karina Zapata

Publishing Editor


I’m Karina Zapata, the Publishing Editor for The Reflector this year! I’m in my final semester of my journalism degree, with a minor in social innovation. I’m an advocate for the truth and I hold a strong passion for creating space for the voices of marginalized communities. I was recently a 2020 fellow with the Institute for Investigative Journalism, where I investigated lead in Canada’s drinking water with “Tainted H2O” in 2019. When I’m not editing articles for this student newspaper, or reporting on other untold stories, I’m running Femme Handbook, a magazine and platform dedicated to celebrating and empowering women through creative expression.



Noel Harper

News Editor


Hi everyone! I’m Noel Harper, your News Editor for The Reflector this year. I am in my fourth year of MRU’s journalism program, and I have produced a variety of stories during that time, touching on social issues, politics, arts, the environment, and beyond. I am a long-time collaborator with Concordia University’s Institute for Investigative Journalism, having completed a fellowship with them over this past summer and working on projects such as Tainted H2O and Project Pandemic, among others. I also serve as newsletter director of the Glenbrook Globe, a Great News publication. Feel free to reach out with your story ideas, particularly in the MRU or post-secondary spheres.



Cassie Weiss


Features Editor


Hey all! I’m Cassie Weiss, the Features Editor for The Reflector for the 2020-2021 school year. I’m in my last year of my social work diploma, with plans to work towards my masters, as well as minor in psychology. I am passionate about sunsets, the outdoors, and combating stigma against mental health and substance addiction. I also hold a diploma in photojournalism, and I believe there is beauty in every single thing, and that every single person has a deep and intricate story that defines them. When I’m not writing articles, blogs, Instagram posts, or mantras to live by, I’m beside the water with my dog, taking photos of the sky.


Mackenzie Mason

Arts Editor


Hey, I’m Mackenzie Mason and I’m this year’s Arts Editor for The Reflector! I’m currently in my third year at MRU in the journalism program and I’m also pursuing a minor in Marketing. I love to travel and I’m very passionate about all things “art” — specifically music, theatre, dance and film as I have been involved in the performing arts my whole life (but visual arts and photography still hold a special place in my heart as well). I’ve worked with Beatroute Magazine in the past and I’m currently with Bell Media doing promotional work for CTV, CJay 92 and 98.5 Virgin Radio. With my degree in communications, I hope to be an arts and entertainment reporter showcasing the creative and amazing work of artists around the world.



Zach Worden

Sports Editor


I’m Zach Worden and I’m taking over the Sports Editor position at The Reflector this year. I’m in my fourth and final year of journalism at MRU and am also minoring in Marketing. As an avid sports fan my entire life, I decided to pursue a career in sports through the media side of the industry. Along with being a student at MRU, I have been a member of the University of Calgary baseball team for four years. This past summer I interned with the MRU Marketing and Communications teams, writing stories and learning about some of the internal processes that go on behind the scenes at the school.



Riggs Zyrille

Layout Editor


Hi! I’m Riggs Zyrille Vergara, a broadcast media studies student who’s excited to be your new Photo Editor. Most of my academic life, I’ve always been writing, so delving myself deeper into the world of photography and illustrations will be a challenging yet thrilling path for me. I might be one of the most unstylish and untalkative gay guys you’ll ever meet, but don’t hesitate to approach me especially if you want to talk about documentaries, spoken word poetry, pop culture and just life in general. You can usually see me just bawling my eyes out watching Netflix’s Queer Eye on my phone or laptop in the library, if I’m not typing away some assignments. As this is my first year both in my program and this platform, I hope we make the best out of it!



Christian Kindrachuk

Web Editor


Hi there, I’m Christian Kindrachuk and I’ll be the new Web Editor for The Reflector this year. This is my fourth year at MRU for a degree in journalism. I’ve always been interested in hearing people’s stories and excited to figure out ways to tell those stories. Some of my previous experience includes working in partnership with Maclean’s Magazine through the Calgary Journal for the They Were Loved obituary project to commemorate people who have passed away from COVID-19. If I’m not busy working on assignments and articles you can find me catching up on work with the Student Governing Board of SAMRU, or in the middle of a book.