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Opinion: Pantone should have just chosen brown

By Isabelle Bennett, Features Editor Each December, the Pantone Color Institute designates a Color of the Year. Though the choosing of a king-pin colour seems about as significant as People’s designation of the sexiest man alive, the effects of this single decision...


Trump impeachment: What happened and why do we care?

By Nathan Woolridge, News Editor United States President, Donald Trump, became the third president in history to be impeached after The House of Representatives made its decision on Dec. 18. Its decision came from two particular charges — first charging Trump with abusing...


Remembering Kobe Bryant

By Dan Khavkin, Sports Editor A black mamba is a venomous snake. Everyone knows that. Its true danger however, is the fact that it’ll attack you without any provocation. Kobe Bryant didn’t need you to be an enemy...