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Dragon Fli Empire breaks it down

Dragon Fli Empire visited the Liberty Lounge on Sept. 17 for a night of drink and hip-hop. Reflector photographer Julie Vincent was on the scene.


Give them all your loving

When Winnipeg’s Perms take to the Liberty Lounge stage on October 2, the stripped-down sound and renewed energy of the veteran rock-poppers will be a treat for us concert lovers. The band’s catchy tunes...


Virgin Fest winds down

None of the bands Sunday at Alberta Virgin Fest came close to matching the atmosphere of Pearl Jam the night before. However, Canada Olympic Park wasn’t necessarily a bad place to be as an...


Virgin Fest Sunday (partial) review

The weird thing is, as I walked into Virgin Fest and over to the left side of the stage, I glanced up at the scrolling bar on the top of the video screen that...


Virgin Fest thrashes COP

Sure there were some headaches and logistical nightmares. There were some grumblings about the lineup and how long it took to be released. But, as these photos from Aris Aristorenas show, there was also...


Virgin Fest: Not so secret anymore

Any up-and-coming band will tell you that giving into the frustration of a career lacking success comes all to easy. Constant disappointment can seemingly warrant a band’s decision to quit. However, according to Secret...


Review: Virgin Festival Saturday

Let’s talk about Virgin Festival Alberta. And like any great conversation starter, let’s begin with the weather. The Weather The weather couldn’t have been better for Virgin Fest, Calgary was so lucky to have...


Virgin Fest live blog Saturday

1:37:05 PM: All the media dudes at #vfestyyc have macbooks. Waiting for the great bloomers to start the festival. 1:50:21 PM: Thank the sunshine lords for bringing it today. If rain shows up today...


Virgin Fest: Big sound, bigger van

Ryan Guldemond, leader of the Vancouver-based modern-rock group Mother Mother, is becoming an authority on cheap hotels. “We’re on the road so much, I’m a regular hotel connoisseur,” jokes the Bowie-esque guitarist and frontman....