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Noise 101 CD Reviews for April 1 Reflector

Choice Cut by Sean-Paul Boynton If you’re looking for some insight into the originality and individualism of Erykah Badu, take a look at the video for “Window Seat,” the first single from her stunning new...


Noise 101: CD Reviews for Nov 19 Reflector

Choice Cut Them Crooked Vultures by Sean-Paul Boynton The past few years has seen the gap shrink to the point that it’s practically non-existent. Besides younger audiophiles thumbing through their parents’ record collections and...


Noise 101: CD Reviews for Oct 22 Reflector

Choice Cut: The Flaming Lips      Embryonic       Warner Bros. Back in the days of vinyl, when rock bands were becoming more and more ambitious, the idea of a double album was exciting and intrigu­ing. With...