Men suffer spousal violence too

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  1. Whilst men continue to be regarded as disposable assets and their lives valued below those of women, nothing will change. Men will never be given equal respect and the support that women currently enjoy. There is a natural instinct in most people to protect women and children, but this rarely extends to men. We will only see what we want to see. For example, British MP Philip Davies recently exposed the myth that women are treated more harshly in the justice system than women. There was factual evidence that at every level and at all ages, men are treated far worse in the British criminal justice system than women, but in spite of the undeniable evidence, fellow MPs insisted the system was gender neutral. They did not want to face the reality that their paradigm on justice was as invalid as ‘flat Earth theory’.

  2. May or may not be the photo editor says:

    Alright, I’ll bite. Three questions for you.

    1. What’s your evidence for the lives of men being “valued below those of women”?

    2. What sort of “support” are you speaking of that is exclusively given to women?

    3. What’s your proof for there being a “natural instinct in most people to protect women and children.”

  3. James Williams says:

    In response to your question I should say, where do you want to look?

    Firstly, do you actually need statistics to show that men are undervalued or perhaps more to the point regarded as disposable assets when men as fathers are not considered as important as women who are mothers? Do I need to draw your attention to war casualties? Do I need to open the book on the penal system or the political attacks by leaders on fathers? All but a socially blind person would deny that men get a raw deal in the family justice system when it comes to awards of children in custody disputes. How about the subject of false allegations? Innocent men’s lives have been utterly shattered by false rape claims. The vulnerability of men to accusations of domestic violence or sexual assault puts men at a great disadvantage and has led to years of exclusion from their families. What about the suicide rate which remains about 4 times that of women and increases substantially at times of marital separation?

    Have a look at you tube to the New Jersey experiment done by ABC News 2006 on attitudes my members of the public to men being abused. I’ll leave you to search the link. It shouldn’t be difficult.

    Although available, I do not have to rely on research findings done by others, but have been actively engaged at a social and political level trying to pick up the pieces of people’s lives (especially children) who have suffered because of the negative treatment of men by the legal, political and social systems. A high proportion of prison inmates come from fatherless families please go and search yourself. It should be an enlightening experience

    As regards the natural instinct to protect women and children, I take it you are not male otherwise you would not challenge this point? If you are male, then do you lack this capacity? When there are evacuations of civilians from war torn areas, do you not see that it is women and children who are the ones being evacuated? The men are often too dead to be evacuated. In the brutal war in the Congo, the NGOs are concentrating on female victims, but ignoring the even more terrible plight of male ones.

    Let me point out just one area involving resourcing in the UK. Funds contributed by the Welsh assembly to pro-women organizations that deal with alleged victims of DV amounted to £6.5 million last year compared to about £100K for male organizations and yet properly conducted research (Dr. Greg Canning, M. Fliebert et al, Murray Straus) shows that women are just as violent as women and initiate 70% of the attacks. Can I suggest you actually take the blinkers off and go and look for yourself? I did not start off taking an oppositional view to feminist claims, but found out the real truth for myself and it was shocking.

    I am currently working a 12 hour night shift, so please do some work yourself to see what goes on. Start by reading Hansard dated 16th Oct 2012 and the debate on Female Offenders. If you find yourself making all sorts of excuses to deny the evidence, it probably suggests that you have been indoctrinated by orthodox thinking that claims the patriarchy exists and oppresses women. The truth is very different.

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