MRU Parking analysis underway

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  1. June says:

    It would be interesting to know which group of students were emailed the survey.

    Was it just students who were able to buy a parking pass, or will the survey also include students who have to park in the neighborhood surrounding MRU because they either missed their chance or can’t afford to park on-campus? What about students who take transit/bike/walk, who also would have comments about parking and transportation (either because parking here doesn’t work for them because of cost or lack of spots, or any other reason).

    Likewise, what about anonymous surveys for faculty and staff who can and can’t afford to park on campus, even though they do get an early chance at purchasing? Continuing education students who once had an easy time finding parking for a 6pm class but now struggle to find a spot and still make it to class on time?

    I’m also curious how much research has been done with the neighbouring homes and businesses – on how MRU’s parking situation is affecting our neighbours, and neighbourhood attitudes for MRU and MRU students/staff.

    A little more information about the methodology would be great to add to this article. (Especially if after March 30th there will be no further surveys.)

    • NewsEditor says:

      Thanks for your input!

      A sidebar-sized article may not have been comprehensive enough. I will send an email to Stefan Durston, manager of parking and transportation services, and hopefully he’ll be willing to provide more details on the survey.

    • NewsEditor says:

      Here’s a slightly condensed version of what Stefan sent me this morning. I hope it helps clarify a couple of your concerns…

      The survey was done by OIAP (The Office of Institutional Analysis and Planning). My understanding is that the survey went to a random group of students and all the employees. The Parking department doesn’t know who was surveyed and who was not, and has no control over who is and is not contacted.

      One other thing worth correcting is that employees do not get to purchase permits before students. Annual permit holders receive priority and many students have a current annual permit and will be given priority purchasing privileges.

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