Jaunty Jezebel: Sexy Shakespearean subtext

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  1. David says:

    Ah, another fine excerpt from the scholarly journal “Friggin’ Duh.”

    Perhaps if you’d paid attention to the English teachers you scorn so early in this article, you wouldn’t be so surprised at the fact that Shakespeare is full of sexual allusions. They told you – you just weren’t listening, apparently.

    I know that you’re trying to attack the cultural myth that Shakespeare is high-brow elitist entertainment – but you’ve made two mistakes: first, you assumed that said myth has validity in a college context and, second, you narcissistically believed that YOU were the sole person to pierce this myth and thus had a duty to reveal the truth to others. Here’s an unfortunate truth for you: the people around you aren’t morons.

    Before writing anything this smug again, stop and think: am I really revealing anything surprising or interesting, or am I just trying to look intelligent by attacking views that no one really has? You’ve revealed nothing in this article that any first-year student with a C average or better didn’t know already. Next time you want to show off your abilities to read plays closely and reveal deeper meanings, do a little research on your damn subject (also: research doesn’t mean watching godawful MTV versions of the plays. Read some scholarly papers and think about them); if something appears in 90% of the scholarship on your subject, you can assume that you don’t need to say anything more about it.

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