Intramural cure-all

Mount Royal Recreation has a variety of sports to keep you active this fall

Intramural cure-all Intramural cure-all

Ross’ Rants: One last word

End rant

Ross’ Rants: One last word Ross' Rants: One last word

Sizzling summer travel spots

Destinations for the intrepid traveler

Sizzling summer travel spots Sizzling summer travel spots

Gender bender bends perceptions

Pride Centre volunteers bust the gender binary and open minds

Gender bender bends perceptions Gender bender bends perceptions

Take on MRU’s Triathlon

First time triathlon runners welcome for the 27th annual MRU Sprint Triathlon

Take on MRU’s Triathlon Take on MRU's Triathlon


Parking Perils… Again

Parking services at Mount Royal University have increase prices around the board again   Kaity Brown, Publishing Editor   It’s happened again. Almost this time last year we were letting students know about the parking rate increase that sucker-punched students for the 2013-2014 academic year, but the price hike isn’t over. For this upcoming year, [...]


No thanks, Cowboy

A summer schedule for the less-Western   Michelle Vaniersel, Layout Editor     Calgary boasts every summer about ten whole days of boot-scooting, hat tipping, pancake flipping and yahooing, all of which may or may not be done while in a drunken stupor — you decide because it’s Calgary Stampede week.   There are positive [...]


Reflectorial: A presidential pardon

On March 22, John Carpay wrote an opinion column for the Calgary Herald condemning Mount Royal University’s administration for not supporting free speech and encouraged President David Docherty to “simply apologize to Nicholas for the shameful behaviour of MRU staff.”   This condemnation came after, according to Carpay’s column, Nicholas McLeod was allegedly attacked by [...]


A Full Fest Experience

Calgary’s Folk Fest is more than just music Becca Paterson, Features Editor   Described in 2006 by the Globe and Mail as one of the “Seven Musical Wonders of the World,” anyone who has been to the Calgary Folk Music Festival will know that the four-day long fest is more than just a bunch of [...]


MRU Cougars Become Canada West Member

The Mount Royal Cougars have officially been deemed the 15th member of Canada West Universities Athletic Association after three years Kaity Brown, Publishing Editor As of May 5, Mount Royal University has become one of the official 16 members of the Canada West Universities Athletic Association (CWUAA). The CWUAA is the most decorated of the [...]


Netflix Presents

Hulk Vs. Bryce Johnson, Steve Blum and Matthew Wolf Lionsgate January 29, 2009 Hulk Vs. is a combination of two made-for-TV-movies in which the Hulk battles either Wolverine — in continuation of their long struggles — or Thor; fresh from victories in Asgard. Running a combined time of 80 minutes these movies offer a large [...]


Reflector TV – How to Cook if You Suck at Cooking: Episode 2

In their second episode of How to Cook if You Suck at Cooking Megan Eichhorn and Stephanie Watt make perogies in the microwave.


Tech Column: Cyborg yourself

Wearable tech enters the mainstream   BAJ Visser Tech Columnist   It’s pretty much official now: 2014 is the year of wearable tech.   Now wearable tech isn’t really a new thing. Calculator watches first appeared in the mid 70s, followed soon after by watches that included video games or simple computers able to store [...]