Calgary-Elbow byelection

Who will replace Alison Redford as MRU's representative in Edmonton?

Calgary-Elbow byelection Calgary-Elbow byelection

Riddell Library breaks ground

Construction on new library and learning centre is underway for a 2017 opening

Riddell Library breaks ground   Riddell Library breaks ground

Sex Column: Back-to-school sex rules

School isn't just a place for books a learning, after all

Sex Column:  Back-to-school sex rules Sex Column:  Back-to-school sex rules

Professional athletes’ advice to Mount Royal University students

McMorris brothers give MRU students advice for success

Professional athletes’ advice to Mount Royal University students Professional athletes’ advice to Mount Royal University students

X-Fest 2014

X-Fest rocks Calgary

X-Fest 2014 X-Fest 2014


Mount Royal professor recognized for HIV research

Universities Without Walls, an elite training program, has accepted Brent Oliver into fellowship Dayla Brown News Editor   Brent Oliver, an instructor in the Department of Social Work and Disability Studies at Mount Royal University, was accepted into the year-long 2014/2015 Universities Without Walls (UWW) fellowship for his research in HIV. According to the UWW […]


Your homework: go to more concerts

One student’s discovery on coping with stress and tackling coursework Chad Baird Contributor   For the past two years, I have been partaking in an experiment. I am the test subject and I am the evaluator. I believe that one simple factor can make you a better student. I want you to truly smile, embrace […]


X-Fest 2014

Artists rock Calgary in a tour de force Hannah Cawsey Staff Writer


On adaptability

“How can you do ‘new math’ with a ‘old math mind’?” said Linus.   Maybe you’re taking five courses, or more, you work part-time, volunteer on the weekends, you’re in a club, you’re taking additional courses online, you’re an avid blogger or you have friends that are in a really rough place and they need […]


Reconvenience art show unearths relevant past

25-year-old time capsules revealed at United Congress reunion show Kari Pedersen Arts Editor   Not-for-profit space, The New Gallery, is home to many exhibitions each year. The contemporary space is uniquely nestled in China Town, amidst the busy Center Street traffic. Currently housing Reconvenience by The United Congress, the white walls of the gallery are […]


Playing with a player’s reputation

The Ray Rice story and the importance of off-field athlete conduct Amanda Ducheminsky Sports Editor   Athletes are considered team players on the field, ice or court. Yet, that mentality doesn’t always cross over into a professional athlete’s personal life.   Player’s conduct off the field is becoming harder to keep a secret, thanks to […]


Faith Column: Love thy neighbour

…but does that mean every person? Maria Carbajal Faith Columnist   Quran 45:14 Matthew 5:44   Many religions call for their followers to love one another, including their enemies, which seems to be a contradictory and difficult task. If you love someone, wouldn’t that make them no longer an enemy? With all the hurt in […]